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Major Milestone: 250,000+ BloomIDs Created

We are happy to announce that over a quarter million people have now created a BloomID, taking back control of how their data is stored and shared amid rapidly growing concerns about the massive collection, misuse, and unauthorized sale of their personal data in the wake of an increasing number of data hacks, breaches, and alarming revelations.

Following six months of rapid growth and record highs, February marked a historic month for Bloom with more than 67,000 BloomIDs created, the largest number ever of new BloomIDs in a single month. February also brought a record best for BloomIDs created in a single day, with more than 7,500 created on February 5th alone. Bloom is now by far the largest decentralized identity management system in the world, enabling hundreds of thousands of people around the globe to protect their data with the latest in blockchain technology.

In February, Bloom saw 96%+ of sign-ups come from leading markets, including the United States, Western Europe, Canada, and Australia. Bloom now has users in over 180 countries around the world.

As the platform has rapidly grown, dozens of developers have integrated Bloom’s technology, countless lenders have joined Bloom’s network, and we’re in live agreements with many of the biggest financial institutions around the world.

With the Bloom Android app launch right around the corner and live BloomID integration in our Lending Marketplace coming soon, we now set sights on 500,000 BloomIDs! Users on both iOS and Android will be able to quickly and securely one-click apply for loans all around the world.

Bloom is positioned to provide a secure solution to the global data problem with technology that presents a viable path forward, today. As we continue to quickly innovate and release major new products, Bloom sees mass mainstream adoption on a global scale in the near future as consumers begin to demand better data security and more control over their digital identities, and companies look to adopt innovative technologies to adapt to the quickly changing lending, identity, and data landscape.

Take Back Control of Your Credit and Identity

Join us and download the Bloom mobile app. We’re committed to delivering amazing user experiences and love hearing more about the key products most important to you, please download and hop in our Telegram to share your experience with us!

About Bloom

Bloom is a blockchain solution for identity security and cross-border credit scoring, restoring ownership and control of identity information and financial data back to consumers. By decentralizing the way that information is shared between untrusted parties, the system reduces the risk of identity theft and minimizes costs associated with customer on-boarding, compliance and fraud prevention.

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Major Milestone: 250,000+ BloomIDs Created
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