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Protect Your Data

Securely prove that your personal information is verified with blockchain technology.

Privacy by Design

You choose what data to include in your BloomID. You determine exactly how it’s used.

Re-use Anytime

Re-use your verified data to prove who you say you are in seconds. Verify once, re-use anytime.

Go Beyond Borders

Use your BloomID to access apps and services anywhere in the world.

Credit Monitoring

Stay on top of your credit score for your financial wellbeing.

Hack Monitoring

Find out when your personal data is exposed online.

How It Works

Build your identity

Secure verifiable credentials are issued to you by trusted providers via the Bloom app. These credentials are stored securely via the Bloom app with end-to-end encryption, meaning you stay in control of the data.

Share data securely

The Bloom app allows you to seamlessly share your credentials with third parties, allowing you to stay in control of your data and share the minimum amount of your personal information required to establish trust.

Stay in control

Bloom's verifiable credentials allow you to stay in control of your own data, securing it behind your device's biometric authentication, and eliminating the need to share sensitive information with third parties.

Bloom VaultBloom Vault

Our verifiable credentials

The Bloom app lets you prove anything about your identity to anyone. Here are some of the verifications we offer:
  • Identity & ID Document
    Verify your identity, ID document, and sanction screen/PEP status
  • Accredited Investor
    Verify your eligibility for investments in the United States
  • Sanction & PEP Screen
    Verify your sanction screen and PEP status
  • Utilities
    Verify your utility bills and address
  • Geolocation
    Verify your location instantly
  • Credit
    Verify details about what credit categories you fit into to prospective lenders and other service providers
and many more!

The Bloom App

Our app offers a powerful and easy-to-use way to manage your identity, securely verify yourself to third parties, and securely monitor your credit information and monitor for threats to your identity online.
Bloom Identity App

Onramp for Enterprise

Build advanced signup, authentication, and user verification flows for your application with seamless, drop-in integration and an easy to use verification builder.
Bloom Identity App
Bloom Identity App

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