Bloom’s $BLT tokens to become one of the first registered tokens with the SEC

BloomID is your smart identity

Protect Your Data

Securely prove that your personal information is verified with blockchain technology.

Privacy by Design

You choose what data to include in your BloomID. You determine exactly how it’s used.

Re-use Anytime

Re-use your verified data to prove who you say you are in seconds. Verify once, re-use anytime.

Go Beyond Borders

Use your BloomID to access apps and services anywhere in the world.

How It Works

Build Your Identity

Verify and strengthen your identity with trusted data providers. You choose what to include in your identity and our providers verify the authenticity of your information.

Protect Your Identity

BloomID leverages the power of the blockchain to create a fully decentralized, digital identity that only you control, protecting you from data breaches and identity theft.

Manage Your Identity

Build, share, and manage your identity anytime, directly from the Bloom mobile app. Securely share your verified data with apps, websites, and lenders with the tap of a button.

Bloom Identity App
Bloom ID Login

Say goodbye to passwords!

BloomID eliminates the need for usernames and passwords. Simply scan a BloomID-enabled QR code or click “Log In with Bloom” to securely access apps and websites. Log In with Bloom helps mitigate fraud and prevents you from falling victim to credential stuffing attacks.

Verify your identity in seconds

Many companies require you to verify your identity in order to access their services, whether that be for Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, age verification, or simply to make sure you are who you say you are. BloomID makes identity verification a breeze.

Bloom ID

Apply for credit with one click

Gone are the days of having to fill out long and cumbersome applications every single time you apply for credit. With your BloomID, you can securely apply for credit with your verified identity and financial data.

Unlock the power of a secure, reusable digital identity

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