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Bloom Partner Round Up

Bloom’s mission is to build a robust global credit infrastructure on the blockchain. This will be a collective effort that will span many years and touch many different stakeholders. Among these stakeholders are lenders, identity attestors, data providers and more.

Bloom protocol offers innovations for both traditional businesses as well as crypto and digital asset lenders. We are looking forward to building the future of credit with teams that share our mission of a better system.

Read more about our current partners here:


Everex: will supply data to BloomIQ, the credit scoring system, as a blockchain payment data provider. With the goal of expanding into many markets, Everex collects data which is gathered from money transfers, payments, currency exchange and loans made over the Ethereum blockchain. Everex will also integrate BloomScore, Bloom’s credit scoring algorithm, into their system. As a metric of a consumer’s creditworthiness, this decentralized score is like a FICO score, but in a modern, distributed model.


ETHlend is the first running decentralized peer-to-peer lending platform. ETHlend intends to use Bloom’s protocol in decentralized lending applications. Within the next year, Ethlend hopes to provide the Bloom user experience on the decentralized ETHLend application. By leveraging the Bloom protocol, defaulted ETHLend loans will be captured in the Bloom network. Reporting these defaults will provide an incentive for the borrowers to repay loans and hence create more confidence for the ETHLend reputation based lending market. More importantly, Bloom users will be able to tap into a lending ecosystem facilitated by ETHLend and our other lending partners.


Lendoit connects borrowers who apply for loans with lenders who lend funds through a Smart Loan Contract. Lendoit will be leveraging Bloom for their score providers mechanism. Lendoit intends to integrate with key score, verification and collection providers in Q2 of next year. Their platform will be using existing credit score providers to assess borrowers and enable lenders to assess risk and issue loans.

Self Lender

Self Lender : The Self Lender credit builder account is a resource for people looking to build creditworthiness while they save. The company recently raised $5 million in Series A financing after experiencing rapid customer growth. Since 2016, Self Lender has helped tens of thousands of people establish credit history, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to climb the ladder of our financial system.


Fundary will be integrating its loans into the Bloom ecosystem, enabling borrowers to access new lines of credit. Founded in 2016, Fundary is peer to peer lending platform that hopes to bring financial inclusion to the underbanked, allowing all people fair access to credit. They support the mission of leveraging core technologies, like blockchain, to eliminate banking inefficiencies.


Karma is a global decentralized platform on the blockchain, where people and companies can lend money to each other. Karma will be joining the Bloom ecosystem by offering their loans on the network. We are especially excited to share their mission of bringing financial access to people around the world.


TypingID will be integrated to check whether the user using your Bloom App is the same person who originally established the federated identity. TypingID is a user verification system that learns to identify users by the way they type on their smartphone. The TypingID model takes into consideration data from multiple sensors, including combinations of force and motion. Through artificial intelligence, TypingID automatically determines the best way to compare a user based on their unique typing behavior.


Gems: Gems is a decentralized application for micro-tasks, and is using Bloom to prevent Sybil attacks and ensure a high quality user base. Bloom will be a core support structure for decentralized reputation in future protocols like these, providing new capabilities to properly assess fraud and verify users.


FintruX: FintruX hopes to create an all inclusive global p2p lending ecosystem that is capable of providing financial liquidity to those who need it the most; to small business and startups, and especially aspiring entrepreneurs to get over their cash flow issues.

Bloom will be one of the credit scoring partners on the FintruX network. By leveraging the Bloom protocol, defaulted FintruX loans will be captured in the Bloom network. Reporting these defaults will provide an additional incentive for the borrowers to repay loans.


District0x: We are thrilled to announce our partnership with District0x to create a fully decentralized lending marketplace, the Bloom Lending District.

The Bloom Lending District will offer a standardized, transparent, peer-to-peer method for requesting and funding loans. Similar to LocalBitcoins or AirBnB, the Lending District will allow anyone with access to the internet to lend and borrow funds free of central influence. This marketplace will not require access to the traditional financial system. There will be no middlemen, no fees, no cross border limitations, and no constraints.

** Updated: Dec 31, 2017.

Bloom Partner Round Up
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