Bloom Advisor Roundup

We are inspired and re-affirmed every day by the statement: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

At it’s core, Bloom is a people-first endeavor. This permeates everything we do. We took a stand on taking a consumer facing approach to credit. We have experienced first-hand the tremendous impact that a group of individuals are capable of. We are bolstered by our passionate community, who will be responsible for making Bloom a reality.

Bloom is lucky to be comprised of dedicated and talented team members, who work smart and hard to bring to life Bloom’s vision of a decentralized credit scoring system.

Along this journey, we are also joined by an incredible set of advisors, who have have given us tremendous support, key insights into navigating the credit and crypto space, introductions to countless partners and much more.

Read below to learn more about our advisors who have supported our journey:

Joey Krug

Joey Krug is the Co-Founder of Augur, the world’s first decentralized prediction market and oracle system. Joey has been a pioneer in the Ethereum community for many years, having launched the very first token project built on Ethereum. More recently, he’s advanced the cryptocurrency community in his role as Chief Investment Officer of Pantera Capital, a $100m ICO fund investing in token sales.

Geoffrey Arone

Geoffrey Arone is a serial technology entrepreneur and seasoned executive in data and credit, with over 20 years of product leadership. Geoffrey served as the Chief Scientist for Experian Consumer, and was the SVP of Product Innovation for Experian Global. While there, Geoffrey identified and developed new products worldwide, and reported directly to the CEO. He oversaw the complete overhaul of consumer-facing credit and identity products. He led key experiments and the expansion of emerging markets and new technologies.

Luis Cuende

Luis Cuende is the project lead and co-founder of Aragon, an Ethereum-based project that enables dApps to run entire organizations using the blockchain. Luis was recognized as the best underage European programmer in 2011, is a Forbes 30 Under 30 and an MIT TR35, and was an advisor to the VP of the European Commission. He co-founded the blockchain startup Stampery. Prior to founding startups, he created the world’s first Linux distribution with facelogin.

Meg Nakumura

Meg Nakumura is the CEO of Shift Payments. Shift developed the Shift Card, a VISA debit card that currently allows Coinbase users in select states and territories in the U.S. to spend bitcoin anywhere VISA is accepted.

Joeseph Urgo

Joeseph Urgo is the co-founder of District0x, an Ethereum dApp decentralizing the world’s marketplaces. Prior to this, Joseph founded, a consultancy supporting leading Ethereum-based projects. Joe previously spent three years as an Operations Manager for Coinbase. Prior to Coinbase, he was a derivatives trader for Three Arrows Capital, an international hedge fund based in Singapore.

Bloom Advisor Roundup
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