February Livestream Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the second official Bloom livestream. Here is a summary of the updates we covered!

Bloom Dashboard — Phase 2 Coming Soon

Decentralized credit score that works across borders and doesn’t rely on traditional systems.

Bloom is live on Mainnet. On the livestream, we give a demo of the Bloom dashboard and what you can expect moving forward.

If you’re a Bloom holder, make sure to set up your BloomID here.

Sneak Peek of Bloom Dashboard

The first set that will be offered is basic attestations. These will include email, phone numbers and social profiles. These types of info can be used to securely create basic accounts online. The second upcoming set is financial attestations — these are information for KYC and to open a financial account. More attestations will be added in the future including typing behaviors, employment verification, and more.

The process of doing attestations is simple. You just click on each attestation and go through the steps on the screen.

Focus on User Experience

With a focus on UX, we have put in place mechanisms to make it easy to complete next steps. For example, there a strength indicator which gamifies the online experience and makes it easy to see how complete your profile is. You can see in the example below what your identity profile may look like if you’ve created a BloomID and are in the process of fleshing out your profile.

Meet New Team Members

We have welcomed 3 new members to our team on our livestream.

  • Steve Mullins: Chief Financial Officer
  • Augusto Guevara: Community Outreach Lead
  • Derek Silva: Head of Community Relations

We are still actively interviewing for a Head of Operations, full-stack and blockchain developers, and more. If you are interested or know someone who would be a great fit, please let us know!

We are still in the process of interviews! If you’re interested, please reach out at Jobs@bloom.co.

New Partnerships

We have 2 new partnerships that I would like to share: SpringRole and Ripio Credit Network.


SpringRole is a decentralized protocol for attestations of professional profiles.

The goal of SpringRole is to become the first professional reputation network to be built on the blockchain, eliminating fraud from user profiles and improving transparency.

We are working with SpringRole to provide employment verifications.

Bloom fundamentally shifts the dynamic of information provisioning. Rather than allowing a credit bureau or third party to capture and sell your personal information, Bloom puts the control of that information directly in the hands of the user. Attestors can securely testify to the veracity of the data.

These kinds of attestations have uses well beyond credit. Employment data, for example, plays a critical role in the job application process. Verifying a candidate’s work history is one of the most vital background checks an employer can run. This represents one of the most frequent places where an applicant may declare incorrect or false information.

Read more here.

Ripio Credit Network

RCN and Bloom are working together to create reputation based lending with the help of decentralized credit rating, which consists of data from decentralized lending.

RCN’s primary mission is to democratize the access to digital credit. They started learning about this in the South American region where 65% of the population still remains unbanked and credit markets remain uncertain.

The RCN protocol ensures transparency. As a network, users can access peer-to-peer lending services, regardless of where the lender and borrowers live, or the currency they use.

Ripio, the company behind the RCN protocol have been offering a range of financial services for the emerging markets, using blockchain technology to make a more accessible financial system since 2013.

Read more here.

6 Ways a Site Can Attack Your Wallet

Security is a core pillar of Bloom. It’s what led us to create a secure, decentralized identity in the BloomID. We believe that all users should have a safe and good experience when interacting with products. It’s the context for how we think about our platform — from our smart contracts, to our dApp, to how users interact with our protocol.

Due to the fast moving nature of the space, we also know that security is an ongoing evolution, so we would like to proactively point out a few possible attacks that users should be aware of.

A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about a theoretical attack vector against MetaMask. Bloom advisor and security researcher Brandon Arvanaghi created a proof-of-concept site EthWalletSecurity, an independent project that interactively demonstrates this attack vector, along with an extended look at MetaMask’s attack surface, for all MetaMask users.

Check out this post here: https://blog.hellobloom.io/6-ways-a-site-can-attack-your-metamask-190e6651e400

The Bloom Meme Contest is Live

Watch intro of the Bloom Livestream for some fun memes

Bloom is accepting submissions in our first ever meme contest!

We are rewarding BLT for top-quality memes for the next 2 weeks. The deadline for submissions is March 14, 2018 at 11:59pm Pacific time.

Learn how to submit spicy memes and earn BLT here.

Watch Livestream Here

Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NWwXnFvJnQ

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February Livestream Recap
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