Come Meet the Bloom Team at ETH Waterloo

ETHWaterloo is the world’s largest Ethereum hackathon. Speakers and judges at the event include Vitalik Buterin, Joseph Lubin, Joey Krug, Jeff Coleman and others.

The event is free for the 300+ attendees, supported by sponsors and donations. The Bloom team has been friends with quite a few of the speakers and speakers and organizers of the event for quite some time and we love the mission of the event. Keeping it free for attendees and focusing on developers, rather than speakers and existing industry leaders, is an excellent way to grow the Ethereum development community.

Bloom is honored to sponsor the event to support ETHWaterloo and the growing Ethereum development community.

“Each of the founding members of the hackathon has a different backstory with Ethereum, but we are united in our excitement about the potential of the technology. Personally, I have been excited about Ethereum since Vitalik introduced the whitepaper in 2014. Coincidentally, he and I were in the same class in the Computer Science program at the University of Waterloo before we both dropped out and both were awarded the Thiel Fellowship.” said Liam Horne, the organizer of ETH Waterloo.

John Backus and myself are also both Thiel Fellows. Quite a few other fellows are as well including Joey Krug from Augur, Vitalik Buterin and more. Thiel Fellowship is a sponsor of the event and will have a representative attending.

We are incredibly thrilled to meet many up and coming Ethereum developers face to face. If anyone in the Bloom community is in the area or attending the event, please don’t hesitate to come say hi to meet us. You can also email me, to setup time to meet.

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Come Meet the Bloom Team at ETH Waterloo
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