Bloom Weekly Update 10/05

We have a number of exciting project updates this week. This week continued to be extremely chaotic in credit land. Former Equifax CEO, Richard Smith, was grilled on on Capitol Hill, revealing how little the company did to protect the security of the users.

It’s an incredibly unfortunate event for the 145 million Americans impacted, but the learnings from this session pushed a number of lenders and partners to reach out to us. We’re currently working through a backlog of requests so please forgive any slow follow up.

Since Last Week:

Our Slack surpassed 3,000 people!

This week we did a 30 minute interview with YouTuber, CryptoBobby. We announced a partnership with Self Lender. We wrote about the background of the Bloom team. We began the first round of analysis at the data from our survey, we made amazing progress on the core protocol development and we passed 3000 people in our Slack Community!

New To Bloom?

It’s exciting to see so many new faces join our community every day. A few people reached out asking how they can get started learning about Bloom.

Here are a few links to catch you up to speed:

Bloom Coverage:

CryptoBobby Interview

YouTuber, Crypto Bobby, did an extensive, in depth 30 minute interview with me. He took the time to read the white paper and really understand the protocol, so we were able to talk specific at points. The mic & volume is a bit fuzzy so please forgive the technical glitches.


It’s a 30 minute interview, so feel free to jump to the parts that interest you:

Bloom + Self Lender

We are incredibly excited to announce the Bloom partnership with Self Lender. The company recently raised a $5 million series A financing after experiencing rapid customer growth. Self Lender shares the Bloom mission and we’re extremely excited to announce our partnership.

Read the Full Announcement.

Beware of Scams:

We received a couple of reports from community members that fraudsters were falsely claiming that the Bloom team is collecting funds. These are scams.

How can you stay secure?

  1. Do not send funds to any Ethereum address claiming to be the Bloom team: We have not announced a token sale yet. We are not collecting any funds. Any announcements will be posted on our Blog, on our Website and on our email newsletter. We will never cold message you directly on Slack instructing you to send funds to any address.
  2. Join our newsletter for the most direct information: To further reduce any chances of getting scammed, please join our newsletter. This, along with the blog/website, will be the primary sources of official announcements. Be very weary of Slack, even if it appears to be coming from us. You can join the newsletter here:
  3. Double Check: Our Blog URL is — At any point, if you are wondering if we have announced a token sale or anything similar, just check the blog.
  4. Message Us: The team is always available on Slack and if there are any concerns, please message us directly. If you notice a potential scammer, please let one of the team members know.

Ways you can help:

  • The survey is the most important thing we are looking for right now. We will be running this for 2 more weeks. We’ll be giving out 5 $100 gift cards to respondents. Help us spread this widely!
  • We’ve been getting some great emails to our new team email. To make sure we quickly point you to the best team member, please include specifics if possible. If you want to email me, I can be reached at
  • The community was extremely helpful with introductions to many of the data providers and trusted nodes, so please continue to make introductions if you can. We want to have as many relationships established prior to launching.
  • Please continue to ask and answer questions on Slack as your involvement and engagement has been extremely helpful. Thank you!
  • If you haven’t already, please join our Slack community.
  • And follow us on Twitter.
Bloom Weekly Update 10/05
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