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It’s more important than ever to examine the state of our credit system. And ask ourselves fundamental questions like “Who should own your data?” and “How we can ensure that the core entities upholding the societal infrastructure that we readily rely on, truly have our best interests at heart?”

There are no simple answers, but it starts by shining a light on the existing problems and exploring solutions.

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Venture Beat

Bloom’s blockchain credit app sees record signups after more bad news from Equifax

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Blooming on the Blockchain

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Check out John, Alain and Jesse featured in Forbes.

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Bloom was featured as the #1 blockchain project to watch in 2018.

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Here is Bloom with one of our favorite vloggers.

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Huffington Post

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Bitcoin Magazine

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Check out this feature on Bloom in Forbes talking about how we are transforming credit scores with blockchain.


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5 Minute Crypto

Check out this podcast that covers Bloom in 5 minutes.

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Bloom in the News
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