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Is your data exposed on the dark web?

Protect yourself from identity theft, find out if your data has been stolen in a hack and get free alerts when your data is found in new breaches.

Bloom Radar

Protect your identity with free dark web hack monitoring


Monitor Your Data

Radar scans thousands of sites and databases on the dark web for stolen or leaked information


Get Alerts

Recieve real-time hack alerts when your data has been stolen or leaked


Take Action

Get personalized actions that you can take to protect your identity


100% Free

Unlike other identity monitoring services, Radar is 100% free

Age of the Data Breach

Data breaches compromise your information and make you susceptible to identity theft. Thousands of new breaches happen every year, exposing the personal data of millions.

This endless string of breaches fuels a black market of looted data, which is siphoned off, packaged up, and sold to the highest bidder on the dark web, as hackers and identity thieves profit from your stolen information.

Records exposed or stolen globally in 2018
Every Day
Every Hour
Every Minute
Every Second

Massive Data Breaches on the Rise

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America

data breaches in 2018
2.64 Billion
records exposed in 2018
14.4 Million
identity fraud victims in 2018
$14.7 Billion
financial losses in 2018

Take control of your data and identity

With data breaches running rampant, knowing when and what information has been exposed in a data breach can help you take steps to keep your data safe and protect yourself from identity theft. Don't wait, take action today.