The Final Hours of the Bloom Token Sale

It’s been a tremendous year. A huge thank you to the massive support from our community, partners, team and advisors.

Our initial goal was our soft cap of $5m. The token has been a remarkable success, having already generated over $35m (at the current ETH rate).

We are extremely thankful to see such a large number of holders. Bloom has been a community driven project from day one. At the time of writing, our median contribution size is under 1 ETH and there are over 5600 unique holders, a testament to Bloom as a community-centric project.

Final Hours: How to Participate

We are in the final hours of our sale, which concludes today at noon PT (Jan 1). As the Bloom token supply is fixed, this is the last chance to participate in the token sale.

To participate: Simply navigate to the contribution page and send ETH using an ERC-20 compatible wallet (Important: DO NOT use an exchange wallet like Coinbase).

We’ve written a guide to walk you through the contribution process and another to add BLT to your wallet.

5,600+ Token Holders and Growing

We’re extremely grateful to the 5,600+ unique token holders who have participated in the token sale thus far.

The sale has seen a large number of contributors in recent days

Latest Updates

We’ve recently made a string of exciting announcements including:

  • Open sourcing the smart contracts for Phase 1 of the Bloom Protocol. Here is a link to our GitHub:
  • The formation of the Bloom Economic Research Division.
  • Our partnership with District0x to create the Bloom Lending District, a fully decentralized lending marketplace.
  • Partnerships with a significant number of lenders and partners including Everex, ETHLend, Lendoit, Self Lender, Karma, Fundary, Typing ID, Gems and FintruX.
  • Our newest advisor, Geoffrey Arone, the former Chief Scientist and SVP of Product at Experian, who said: “Bloom’s approach to decentralized credit scoring will transform the industry by empowering credit consumers while providing more reliable information to businesses.”
  • Other advisors including Joey Krug of Augur, Luis Cuende of Aragon and Joe Urgo of District0x.
  • An aggressive 2018 roadmap, beginning with the roll out of the first phase of the protocol in less than 24 hours!

How You Can Immediately Use BLT

BLT functions both as a currency within the Bloom Protocol and as a resource on a distributed computing platform. BLT is used not only as a means of exchange or payment on the Bloom Protocol but also as a means to account for, judge and verify community participation. In the Bloom Protocol, BLT is the native fuel that facilitates interactions on the Bloom Ecosystem.

As a BLT token holder, you’ll have immediate access to all the Phase 1 features of Bloom after the token sale completes later today.

These features include the ability to create a BloomID, invite peers into the system and influence some key protocol level decisions for the network.

Read more about how you can use BLT here.

Bloom Phase 1 Mainnet Launch

The initial screen on the Bloom dApp

Today, we’re releasing the Phase 1 Mainnet dApp for Bloom. We published our Phase 1 contracts on GitHub. You can read more about this here.

This marks a big milestone on our long term roadmap and we’re incredibly excited to continue to make progress on defining the future of credit.

We’ve put together a description of the most important contracts to help guide you through the code and to give you a lower-level overview on interacting with these contracts without a UI in case you’re interested in joining Bloom development or experimenting with the system.

The Community Program Prize Update:

Stay tuned for a more comprehensive update on the winners of the Bloom Community Rewards Program.

You can read about the program which began in November here. We are honored to have received contributions from thousands of our community members.

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The Final Hours of the Bloom Token Sale
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