The Bloom Community Alliance program brings you behind the scenes through Fireside Chats

The community has been wonderful to engage with and we are proud to share the latest series through the Bloom Community Alliance Program. During Bloom Fireside Chats, we interview our partners to share important updates and interesting perspectives on their work; the latest developments, new features, attestations, and ways to use your BloomID.

We spotlight the teams and individuals that are helping make the Bloom protocol what it is.

Derek interviews Conrad Lin, Co-Founder at FintruX

We sit down and interview our partners including lenders, BloomID users and attestors. These are key partners, across the world, helping Bloom’s mission of bringing credit to a modern age. Bloom Fireside is a bi-weekly series where we sit down with our partners to find out more about:

  • Why they started their project
  • How the idea for their project came about
  • Their background and past successes
  • How they plan to use the Bloom protocol

We know our community loves to hear the answer to this last question, as it lends directly to why you should obtain a BloomID and build up your profile.

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the following fireside chats: SpringRole, Everex, ETHLend, BlockFi, Esusu, and most recently FintruX!

Firesides are now available as podcasts

You can find these interviews in our YouTube channel, and also as a podcast on the following platforms:

And almost any other podcast app like Overcast, Pocket Casts, and others!

So far we have received some great feedback from viewers, listeners, and our partners! Now we are ready to really open up the floodgates and bring Fireside to the broader community. We hope you enjoy your time listening or watching the interviews.

Additionally, check out the monthly Bloom community live streams, where we unveil the latest updates. The most recent May live stream shared demos of new attestations and our iOS mobile dApp currently in development. Team members ready to answer questions live via YouTube live chat, Slack, Telegram, and Twitter for an AMA!

Who would you like to see on Bloom Fireside? Is there an influential person in digital identity or credit that you think we should speak to? Email your suggestions to or put them in the comments.

The Bloom Community Alliance program brings you behind the scenes through Fireside Chats
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