Introducing the Bloom Community Rewards Program

Note: If you’ve already applied to our whitelist or signed up, you can check your live ranking by entering your email on the homepage. If you’ve submitted a whitelist application and want to update it to get more points, there is a form here. If you’re new to Bloom, it’s not too late to get involved and earn a ranking.

We have been blown away by recent support for Bloom. We’ve had thousands of people apply to the whitelist, and we are extremely grateful for the overwhelming positivity from our community.

We want to reward as many people as possible. To do this, we are excited to introduce the Bloom Community Rewards Program. This program provides rewards for the top community members. As a community member: you can check your spot at any time by entering your whitelist email in the homepage, making it easy to see where you rank.

We are sharing prizes like early access to the BloomCard, official Bloom T-Shirts, and $15,000 in BLT.

If you’ve already applied to the whitelist, we reviewed your application. You will receive an email with your current ranking. This program is an additional way to get involved. Space will be very limited in the public sale and we want to ensure our community has a number of ways to help contribute.

What are the rewards?

We are sharing prizes like early access to the BloomCard, official Bloom T-Shirts, and $15,000 in BLT.

Participation in this program will be taken into account during the composition of the final whitelist: the higher your rank, the better your chances of making the cut. We will accept as many contributors on the whitelist as possible, but can’t guarantee the exact cut-off.

Check out the prizes

Here’s what the limited edition Bloom T-shirt looks like:

And our first edition BloomCards:

Why do we need your help?

Bloom is fundamentally a network. To reach its full potential, it is critical that the community is strong from the beginning. We’re building a multi-sided protocol, with lenders, borrowers, and data providers. If any of those three aren’t there, the value is eroded for everyone else.

Even more importantly, we need to hear people’s feedback as we design this radical new system. We’re creating something novel, and it’s going to impact all kinds of people from all around the world — it’s vital that their perspective and interests are taken into account as we build out the protocol.

We’ve had an outpouring of support, feedback, and suggestions. This is amazing, but we have to go even further. This is where you come in.

How does it work?

The program awards points for creating value for the community.

There are two ways points will be allocated:

  • Referring users to the whitelist
  • Contributions (submitted through this form)

Apply for the whitelist on our homepage, and you will receive your ranking based on your total number of points.*

The point system takes into account your contributions and your number of email referrals. Every participant will receive a unique tracking link and will receive credit for each person they refer through their tracking link that confirms his or her email.

* Note to former whitelist applicants: If you applied through the former application, you’ve automatically been opted into the Community Reward Program and will be eligible to win additional prizes. Your contributions have been already taken into consideration and will be automatically calculated into your initial score. You will receive an email with your initial ranking in the program.

How can I earn points?

The main mechanism for earning points is referring users to our whitelist through your unique tracking link.

While referral volume is a significant factor in the rankings, we appreciate that not all meaningful contributions to Bloom are trackable through a link.

Offline or online, please feel free to support Bloom’s vision of a decentralized credit system in whatever way you feel is most appropriate.

Just submit this short form to let us know how you’ve supported Bloom. We will review your contribution and reward you commensurately! You can submit this form multiple times.

Here are some examples of past community engagement that has been invaluable for the team:

  • Making introductions to us for providers, data partners and contributors
  • Actively contributing to discussion in Bloom Slack
  • Actively participating on Telegram
  • Answering the questions of other members of the community
  • Actively participating on /r/BloomToken
  • Introducing the Bloom team to prospective hires
  • Helping answer questions that pop up from other community members
  • Writing up your critical and honest analysis of Bloom to share with other users
  • Making helpful content online to provide key information about the protocol and sale (writing, video, podcast, etc)
  • Sharing insight into the lending and credit markets
  • Inviting industry leaders into the conversation and discussions with the team

How do I check my position?

You can check your position on the homepage by entering your email address and clicking on “I’m already on this list, I want to check my place.” :

Other Questions

When will Bloom announce the final whitelist?

On November 25th, we will announce the final whitelist and send acceptance emails to those accepted on the whitelist.

When will Bloom announce the prize winners?

You will be able to continue gaining points until December 30th. On December 30th, we will lock in the rankings and award prizes based on the leaderboard positions.

I already applied for the whitelist…

Thank you, your application has been logged! We have awarded existing whitelist applicants credit based on your contribution and when you joined the email list. Continue to increase your chances by referring interested parties to the whitelist and submitting new contributions.

What about the old whitelist application form?

We have been overwhelmed with applications — many of them very thoughtful and detailed. We were moved by many of them. And the number is growing. Due to the demand, we needed a more streamlined method to fairly allocate slots.

For all new applicants, simply entering this program will count as your application to the whitelist.

If you used the old whitelist form, your application and contributions have been taken into consideration. You may still increase your chances by referring users and submitting more contributions.

Won’t people cheat?

Our team has instituted numerous ways to detect fraudulent activity. We believe our system makes fraud incredibly challenging. Of course, this is a community program and we expect users to follow a general honor code. Winners will be manually reviewed. If we detect fraud, we reserve the right to kick you out of the contest entirely and deny you a spot on the whitelist.

There’s a mixup with my emails, can you help?

Yes, please email with the subject line “Whitelist application question”.

We get hundreds of emails a day, so make sure to label the subject line with the above to get the fastest response.

I have a new contribution, but already entered my application.

Yes, we want to hear about it! Please submit your newest contributions in this form here. If appropriate, we will update your score with new points. You can submit this form multiple times if you have multiple, genuine contributions.

I have more questions about this.

For general questions, please reach out on Slack.

For unique circumstances, please email with the subject line “Whitelist application question”.

I have contributed significantly to Bloom and don’t feel like my score reflects my contributions.

Submit your contributions in this form here and also email with a note so we can prioritize the review.

Introducing the Bloom Community Rewards Program
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