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Meet Bloom Journey: The Future of Digital Lending

digital lending platform

Bloom Journey is a secure, white-label consumer lending and onboarding solution that enables banks and lenders to reduce origination costs and close loans faster.

Journey helps lenders increase customer conversion rates with a streamlined experience that customers can complete in minutes, close loans faster with dynamic application flows powered by deep customer insights, and protect customer data with secure blockchain technology that minimizes the risk of data breaches.

digital lending platform
One simple dashboard to manage applicants, flows, and attestations

Reduce loan origination costs

Save time and money by leveraging Bloom Journey to streamline the consumer lending experience. Bloom’s intelligent, mobile-first application forms enable lenders to verify customer data more efficiently, improve data reliability, and close loans faster.

Increase loan application completion rates

Lenders can build dynamic lending flows that can be integrated into their existing loan origination process and harness powerful analytics for deep insight into applicant behavior to optimize conversion and close more loans.

digital lending platform
Multi-signal identity verification and KYC for onboarding

Reduce the risk of data breaches with blockchain technology

Bloom reduces the exposure risk of customer data by leveraging scalable blockchain technology to take data off of central servers and keep data shared securely between lenders and borrowers, helping protect against data breaches and identity theft.

Mitigate fraud with automated data verification

Robust multi-signal identity verification and pre-verified financial data helps mitigate fraud and improves the reliability of borrower data, giving lenders a decision-ready file up-front.

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Bloom's award winning identity and lending technology is trusted by more than 400,000 consumers around the world. With Journey, Bloom enables lenders to protect customer data with cutting-edge blockchain technology while providing a streamlined lending experience that makes applying for credit a simple and seamless process, reducing the risk of data breaches and minimizing costs associated with customer on-boarding, compliance, and fraud prevention.

Bloom Journey, consumer lending for the digital age.

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Meet Bloom Journey: The Future of Digital Lending
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