Bloom Weekly Update: 9/19

Hello Everyone!

The community encouraged us to turn our update from last week into a weekly update. So from now on, we are going to post an update each week highlighting industry news and recapping what we are up to.

Since Last Week:

We continue to be thankful for the overwhelming community support and feedback following our launch. Bloom was the highest upvoted project announcement all month on Reddit, we received press coverage on Inc, and over 700 people joined the Slack community.

This week, the support continued, our community more than doubled in size and the press continued.

Our Slack now surpassed 1,500 people. Thousands more have joined our email newsletter, and we’ve received countless offers for support. Thank you all!

In the News:

The Justice Department launched a criminal probe of the stock sales by Equifax executives, which took place after the company discovered they were hacked. To make matters worse, it’s now known that Equifax failed to disclose a hack that happened five months earlier. These updates have caused the stock to slip more than 30%.

They now face a $70 Billion class action lawsuit.

Bloom Coverage:

Bloom aims to disrupt the global credit infrastructure. It’s a big problem, but not everyone immediately realizes the issues with credit since for many, they’ve simply become a part of life.

We’re incredibly grateful for the wonderful journalists helping to raise awareness and highlight Bloom as a potential solution. Links below:

Snippet of a post featuring Bloom, uPort, Civic, and district0x

What we are working on:

  • Over the last two weeks, we’ve received incredible input from the community on our whitepaper draft. We will be issuing an updated version of the whitepaper next week.
  • Many people have asked for a way to get in touch with the team for specific issues. We’ve setup an email that will be sure your question gets routed to the most relevant team member,
  • We’ve added an FAQ section to our website.
  • We established a number of new global relationships that allow Bloom Protocol to connect with borrowers outside of the traditional credit network. We will be making formal announcements in due time.
  • In preparation of a wider community launch, we will be updating the website to be far more robust and exhaustive. Right now, we have a rather simple landing page. (Our aim is to convey the vision clearly without requiring a read of the whitepaper.)

Ways you can help:

  • Please continue to ask and answer questions on Slack as your involvement and engagement has been extremely helpful. Thank you!
  • If you think there’s anyone we should meet, please let us know. This includes: credit experts, thoughtful critics, researchers, bloggers, meetup organizers, etc.
  • And follow us on Twitter.
  • We are launching a survey this week, stay tuned!
Bloom Weekly Update: 9/19
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