We Need Your Help: Bloom Survey

Hello Bloom Community!

We are working on a key research project to uncover the biggest issues with credit around the globe. Our team and external researchers are eagerly waiting to analyze these findings. Plus, the responses from this survey will help guide the protocol for years to come.

We’ve put together a short 5–10 minute survey: Here

Specifically, this survey aims to:

  • Guide which features are most important for the success of Bloom
  • Provide data to share with journalists, researchers and partners
  • Ensure that Bloom is able to address the needs of a global population
  • Allow the team to hear from members of the community

This is why we absolutely need your help.

Every Answer is Critical

We’ve been researching the global issues with credit for quite some time, and we’ve discovered countless issues and problems. Yet, we’ve struggled to find a comprehensive report that surveys the general public on the primary issues they face, which is why we are launching our own.

EVERY response counts, and EVERY piece of data we gain is absolutely crucial. We are looking for this survey to represent a global population, across various regions so please share widely.

Credit and the verbiage used varies greatly from region to region. Some respondents pointed out that this survey uses terms that are less common outside of Europe and the United States. Please keep sending us feedback so we can improve! If you find any other areas for improvement, please chime in on Slack.

The survey is anonymous.

As a token of our appreciation, we will be giving out $100 Gift Cards to five randomly selected respondents. We will announce the date of the drawing on Slack and in our weekly updates.

You can complete the survey here.

If there are any questions or feedback about the survey: Please message team@hellobloom.io, or direct your questions to Shannon Wu (@Shannon) on Slack.

Thank you!

We Need Your Help: Bloom Survey
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