Announcing Bloom Translations & Internationalization

Bloom is a global initiative.

You’ve asked, and we’ve listened. Our initial whitepaper was written in English, and until just recently, we’ve never issued a translation of our website, whitepaper or overview. This means we’ve largely attracted English-speaking users to our product.

While the first phase of Bloom leans towards users in English speaking nations at this time, Bloom is a global protocol.

It’s time to expand our international reach. We are starting through translations and local adaptations of our website and product marketing material.

Community members all over the world have asked for regionalized versions of our project to spread to their friends, family, lenders, and partners in their locale.

Announcing our first translations:

Along with this announcement, we’re announcing the first translations of our website and whitepaper.

One of the defining features of Bloom is that the credit score works across borders. Your score does not reset when you move to a new country, which is why this announcement is an important milestone for our long term growth.

Here are quick links:

What Comes Next?

We’re always looking for new languages and regions. While it’s simple to do a standard word-by-word translation, we’re really looking to define the technical aspects of our protocol accurately.

This level of translation requires a bit more of an “academic” approach to the translation.

We’re looking to translate a few key pieces of content:

  • Website
  • Whitepaper
  • Overview & Team Bios
  • Bloom dApp

In addition, over time, we’re going to create localized versions of our blog posts, Slack communities, Telegram groups, and social feeds.

Want to help?

Please reach out to if you know anyone that wants to help our team translate the following languages:

  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Russian
Announcing Bloom Translations & Internationalization
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