A Starter Guide to Using the Bloom Mainnet DApp: MetaMask + Signing Up

You will be able to interact with the Bloom dapp starting today. Here is a guide on getting started: https://app.bloom.co/signup

Bloom requires you interact with the Ethereum blockchain and the Bloom smart contracts to participate in the dApp. The easiest method of doing this is through MetaMask. You should either import the wallet which has your BLT into MetaMask or transfer your BLT to MetaMask.

Once MetaMask is set up, you will need at least 0.1 BLT in your MetaMask to continue.

Note: Read Part 1 to set up your MetaMask. Read Part 2 to confirm BLT ownership inside MetaMask.

Part 1: Setting up MetaMask

If you already have MetaMask set up and your BLT is already in your MetaMask, feel free to skip down to Part 2: Confirming BLT Ownership.

Step 1: Click here to get the MetaMask extension for Chrome. Otherwise, check out their site here.

Step 2: Add MetaMask to your browser. For example, click “Add to Chrome” to Install MetaMask as an extension.

Step 3: Click “Add Extension” to confirm.

Step 4: Read the MetaMask Terms and Conditions which will pop up when you click on your extension in your browser (upper right corner).

Step 5: Create a new vault and enter a strong password. On MetaMask, you receive your seed (12 words) which will help to secure your account. Make sure you store your seed in a safe place. Without these 12 words, you cannot restore your wallet.

Make sure your MetaMask Extension is unlocked to use the Bloom app. To unlock MetaMask, just hit the MetaMask icon on the top right of your browser and enter your password.

Part 2: Confirming BLT Ownership

You will need to own BLT to use the Bloom dapp. You can also ask for an invite from someone who owns BLT.

Step 6: Make sure you are on the Main Ethereum Network. If not, click in the upper left corner and change to “Main Ethereum Network”.

Upper Left Corner — Change to “Main Ethereum Network”

Step 7: Unlock your vault with your password and fund your account. Click the copy logo to get your wallet address - this is where you will send your BLT.

The wallet that you set up with MetaMask is the one that will confirm your BLT ownership. You will need to transfer at least 0.1 BLT to your MetaMask.

Click “Copy” to get your MetaMask wallet address

Step 8: To proceed, you will need to confirm that you are a BLT holder by adding at least 0.1 BLT to your MetaMask.

This will allow you to start interacting with the Bloom dapp.

At this point you can sign up, confirm your email, and you will be able to interface with the platform. You will be able to vote on proposals (in the coming days), get the most up-to-date Bloom news, and access the latest features. Enjoy!

A Starter Guide to Using the Bloom Mainnet DApp: MetaMask + Signing Up
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