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Bloom's digital lending platform helps you streamline the borrower experience, increase conversion rates, and close more loans

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    Slow Customer Onboarding

    Loan applications can weeks through a high-friction process, frustrating consumers and reducing conversions.

  • 02

    Risk of Data Breaches

    Centralized databases introduce single points of failure that increase vulnerability to cyber attacks and data breaches.

  • 03

    Unreliable Data

    Manual entry and self-reported data are prone to inaccuracies, resulting in inefficient lending outcomes.


  • Originate Loans Quickly

    The Journey streamlined application workflow allows lenders to originate loans quickly and efficiently. Borrowers can apply for loans in as little as 5 minutes.

  • Cryptographically Secure Data Transfer

    The user controls their own data. Blockchain technology enables verified user-provisioned data to be encrypted and shared without ever touching a central server, dramatically reducing the risk of a data breach.

  • Verified Customer-Provisioned Data

    Customers provide verified financials and data through trusted attesters, quickly getting you to a decision-ready file.

How it works

  • Shorter Loan Cycles

    A guided experience leads borrowers through a fast and easy application process that takes minutes to complete.

  • Optimize Conversion Rates

    From the Journey dashboard, you can easily track conversion rates and customize your lending flow with the help of deep analytics and insights into applicant behavior.

  • Verified User-Provisioned Data

    Bloom requests and provides verified user-provisioned financial data to automatically fill applications to get you a decision-ready file, up-front.

Bloom Journey

A Streamlined Experience

Bloom Journey’s intelligent lending forms enable you to verify customer data more efficiently, increase customer conversions, and close loans faster.

Onboard Customers with Ease

Journey’s intuitive user experience eliminates manual error-prone tasks with a seamless, guided flow for automatically connecting and verifying identity and financial data in real-time.

Customize Flows with Deep Insights

Use Journey to build a white-labelled experience that can be quickly integrated into your existing lending flow and harness analytics for deep insight into borrower behavior.

Protect Customer Data

Bloom leverages blockchain technology to take data off of central servers and keep data shared securely between you and your customers, protecting you from data breaches and your customers from identity theft.

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