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We are bringing credit to the modern age

Bloom is a blockchain solution for secure identity and credit scoring. Bloom gives consumers ownership over their identity and financial data. By decentralizing the way that information is shared between untrusted parties, the system reduces risk of identity theft and minimizes costs associated with customer onboarding, compliance and fraud prevention....Read more

Bloom digital identity

Our Mission

We are transforming global identity and credit through a decentralized infrastructure that is private, secure, financially inclusive and consumer controlled.

Bloom's mission is to provide superior data and identity authorization and authentication to consumers and businesses worldwide.

Our team

John Backus


Isaac Patka


Dustin van Schouwen

Senior Platform Architect

Afshan Aman

Senior Platform Engineer

David Raphael

Head of User Acquisition

Roque Jean

Director of Product Design

Ron Compos

DevOps Engineer

Erwin Mazariegos

iOS Developer

Our advisors

Daniel Maren

Co-Founder at Hypernet

Joseph Urgo

Co-founder at district0x

Luis Iván Cuende

Co-Founder at Aragon

Meg Nakamura

Co-Founder at Shift Payments

Our Partners

We're proud to be supported by partners in our mission to build a modern credit system

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